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WANTING TO BUY: small parcel with around 50-70 prims

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i dont think you will like what im offering.... I dont cover all your demands;

But i will give it a try.


There is a parcel of land im renting out... (Green flat)

It is in mainland  (means it is in a massive estate as you call it)


Supports 468 Prims (way more than your demand, minimum for a builder though)

Cost only L$380 per week...!


Im sure you can find a lot of rentlals..

Please keep a note to this:

Mine cost L$380 but it is:

2048 m flat grass (64m x 32m)


It is "full control" as you call it, except that you cant sell it.

( who wants to give away them land for L$380?)


Thanks for the chance to let whomever read this

to be notified about part of my land offers.

Thank you in advance,



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