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cannot set permissions

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I have some land that I have set to the group, (not deed as I dont have credits) I have set evething of that land to the group, I invited a couple of renters to that group with full officers privliages, but they cannot acess the land acess list to add or remove people from the land, anything thats rezzed from them or me and is titled to the group neither can acess.


What I want are for my renters to be able to go  thier skybox, and be able to allow thier friends to visit and add to land then remove if needed and to be able to acesss my security orb, even thought I have them as admin with the orb itsself,   


what am I doing wrong, I think all the ticks and roles for the group are ticked anyhelp would be fantanstic


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You have replies at the other thread you created about this, including a Resident who can meet with you Inworld to look at the issue.

Do you own the land? I don't understand why there aren't enough credits.


I cannot confirm atm if the land must be Group Owned in order for group officers to have full abilities. I think it does.




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