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Poor 760GTX performances compared to a 460


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Hi everyone,


I decided to finally post here and see if I could get some help with an issue that i can't seem to resolve.

For a while already I've been wondering why I run SL way slower than i should be (IMO)

Yesterday i was in a fairly busy sim, and i couldn't get higher than 9FPS. The thing is, my wife runs at 15 at exactly the same place, i zoomed the same way, and i just don't get it.

I have a 760GTX, she has a 460.

I'm on a desktop, i7, 6GB ram, SSD, plugged directly into my router using CAT6 cable, running on 100Mbps fiber

She uses a laptop, i7, 6GB ram, on wifi.


Granted she runs at 1600*900 where i run full HD, but it just doesn't explain it to me. I should probably be twice as fast as she is at this point.


As far as gaming goes, it seems ok, i can play stuff like ACIV at the highest settings with no issues, so i'm pretty baffled.


We both have the same drivers, same viewer version, same graphices settings (we use firestorm)


Any idea as to what it could be or how i could troubleshoot this?




Oh and i just logged back, same place but no one, and I still run at the same FPS...

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It's 1.44 times more pixels. 1920*1080 / 1600*900

But that doesnt matter since the resolution has nothing to do with the amount of data downloaded.

To the OP:

I suggest to check the settings in the Nvidia system panel where you can override any settings you made in SL. Set it to default and set off that fancy 16x AA maybe. :)


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I can think of a couple of things from the top of my head:

Your graphics preferences aren't the same. If for example your wife doesn't have shadows enabled, but you do, that will make a huge difference. Use ctrl-P to see what the settings are, don't forget to look in the advanced settings and hardware settings.

Your avatar has some very complex attachments. Since your avatar is usually very close to  your POV, that can result in a higher load.

You are low on video memory. Since your card has twice the memory of the GTX460, that's unlikely, but the higher resolution certainly means higher memory use, especially with anti-aliasing and shadows turned on.

Your i7 isn't as fast as the one your wife has.

Your power supply isn't powerful enough to run your video card at full performance.


btw, why do you expect twice the fps your wife has? The 670 might have a benchmark about twice as high as the 460, but that doesn't translate in double overall performance of your system of course.

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