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Looking for Event Planner @ Hoolyville


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Hoolyville, a upcoming urban SIM focused on roleplay / entertainment is looking for a well experienced event planner to sprung up with creative, interesting & fun ideas to organize, promote and work along side with us. As the event planner you will be handling more than just one in hand, you will promote ideas to the staff that would bring attention, traffic, fun and whatever means necessary.

A few things the event planner will be tackling on the SIM:

• being around and active with the staff
• writing down ideas for organizing on the respective places
• researching on what is commonly done in terms of events on different business industries / levels.

Please note that this is just a few that is needed at the moment, work load might increase eventually by the time the SIM is more organized and active.


The person must at least have stayed long enough on SL to experience what's around and can contribute some of the views / ideas they have seen, both in fun / social and in business / marketing. That means you should have been a outgoing person and worked through SL once or even more and possibly the basics of almost everything in SL.

If interested, please fill in the ff. over on a notecard in Second Life:

Your Name (not display name):
How many hours can you dedicate on this job?:
Estimate weekly salary desired:
Best time to contact you in SLT:
Time / Hours when you are available to work in SLT:
Past Experience/s As:

When you have finished filling up information, please do rename your notecard "Hoolyville Event Planner Application [YOUR NAME]" with your name written on the brackets [ ] and send it to novel popinjay and torakagi

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