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Tropical Waters Special Offer, private homestead

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Regent Estates Homesteads - Private Homestead living

Whole Homestead offering from Regent Estates. Your Sim, Your Rules! Want to make your sim Adult? Feel free. Want to restrict access to yourself and a personal group? Go for it! Subleasing allowed but you are responsible for your clients and issues they may have.


Total control *and* our 24 hour customer service available to assist you should you need it.


Tropical Waters - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Waters/134/164/38


  •  No Premium Account Needed!
  • L$7199 to buy, purchase includes first week of tier! Start building immediately!
  • Special tier offer: 7,200 weekly tier, payable 4 weeks or more at a time.
  • Your Sim, Your Rules - Maturity Rating is yours to control
  • 65536 sqm  -  3750 prim
  • tierbox in OUR office, you get ALL your prims renting with us! 
  • PayPal Available - In world land purchase with L$ required and when staff contacts you, we can set up PayPal at that time.
  • FULL Estate Rights - up to 4 EMs - If staff can do it, you can do it! Access control, day cycle and terrain texture control, restarts and access to estate troubleshooting tools such as Top Scripts and Top Colliders!
  • Full time Customer Service Staff available

NOTE: Regent Estates offers a choice of 28 terrain files that can be applied to any Homestead or full sim, for those who don't want to terraform the land themselves or search the Marketplace! See the display on our Homesteads or in our main office!

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