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Looking for room mate


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I am looking to rent out a bedroom in my rather large house.

The room is already furnished (can be un furnished upon request)

You will have full use of the rest of the house.

No gender or life-style preference, this house is lgbt friendly, anyone from any walk of life is allowed.

I am not looking to rent out this room because I can't afford the house, I am renting out this room because I like opening up to meet new people, and what a better way to get to know someone besides living with them?


A little about myself,

My names Jeffree

I am 18 years old, gay, male. I love to go out, hang out and listen to good music. I'm always looking for something to do. But sometimes you'll just catch me sitting at home. (usually whilst afk). Shopping is my weekness, I Love fashion. I do not get along with bigots, so don't be one and we'll get along great!


My Room Mate, Cole, Is very nice and accepting just trying to have fun as well, other than that I cannot speak on his behalf.

Our time zones based on SLT are SLT+3  So in other words while it's 1 pm SLT it's 4 PM our time. We'd like someone to be on around that time zone.

Upon your first payment you will be invited to join the estate group giving you full authority to place anything you'd wish as well as add anyone to the black list.

You're allowed to have anyone over that you'd like, as many people as you'd like within reason.



Do not change the house. The estate comes with 90+ houses to choose from, i spent hours finding my favorite one and furnishing it, and do not want to change.


Feel free to IM me in game, Jdion69 Resident or reply here and We'll set up a time for you to come look at the house and discuss the terms of the rental. Thanks!

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