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help with missile


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Hi, I`m new to scripting and have searched sl wiki on how to solve this but the jargon`s a bit techy for me.

Working on a missile that pushes an avatar and says a message when it hits which is working fine, avatar gets pushed, message says "xxx was hit by xxx".

The problem is that if the missile misses the intended avatar it generates the message about any prim that it does hit, which I`d rather not have. Obviously I`m only interested in the message showing when an av is hit but can`t figure how to stop message showing when it hits any old random prim.

code I`m using is:

 llOwnerSay(llDetectedName(0) + " is hit by slushy snowball");

I understand that llDetectedName() can apply to av`s and prims but can`t figure how to just apply it to av`s.

Thanks in advance for any help

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SaraCarena wrote:

umm..thanks was to Neil coz I missed the other posts but thanks to you Innula I will sooo try to avoid the "resident" bit, does annoy me too. VERY funny Perrie!!, certainly an idea

When I was a kid learning to play baseball the common insult was, "You throw like a girl."

I don't think that would be very acceptable today.  ;)

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