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looking for a managing job


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hi my name is soleil, (SolielxX Resident)

I have tons of managing experience, from family RP facilities to clubs.

Schools, restaurants, family hangouts, teen clubs, adult clubs, im a an experieneced sl and rl dj, im a retired host, im a blogger and photographer.


If you need a manager, im the one for you! 

(Note: I do not work free or for tips only)


Contact me in world with offers: 

SolielxX Resident

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hi my name is beethros Karas

I could be interested to have a manager in my Venue to take off of me ALL the anchious.

I am almost 7 years old, and i was never into music - or better i say into clubbing in Virtual.

After the crisis though, i had to open a "Venue" and so slowly slowly, i get my self into things.


The profet was only for me the landowner, because of the  "dust of the shoes of the guests"

(you cant imagine how much some ppl pay for it) :PP


Our group has only 200 something members, but

We are affiliate with a group with 800+ artists/managers/hosts

and i believe i have all the technical equipment needed to run a "Venue" 


The Google Calendar URL has to be full again, as you can see when you browse back.

I wanted to ask you , how much Lindens you will charge?

And that will be a standard sallary?

Or it will be an individual payment for each event?

Who will take the % of the dancers?

Of the hostess?

Who will pay the artists?

and the stage stuff?

oh and  the rent?

Who will receive the L$ from the "Venue tip-jar" ?


You said you  are experianced - otherwise i wouldnt bother to type this - so,

are you willing to run events like we do here @ The Mall Street @ Olber

with No rules?

I mean, we live free here... 

There is NO  this NO that and all these "symbols" up in the lands address bar.

(and YES , we love it)


And more than the part of the money... 

I would want to ask you, what you will do in case you get hired,

what will be your first move? 

And lets say we agree in a payment system, 

what you will "offer" to us to make us feel happy,

sequre and satisfited for the L$ we pay to you?


Thanks in advance!

Im glad there is a manager arround!


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