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Problem with clothes for my furry avatar.


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With my furry avatar i encountered many problems to find him suitable clothing, for example some shirts are too big although they are XS. With digi pants i learned how to edit them, but when i have shorts too big (too big because you can see the alpha of pants) do not know anymore what to do. However, my male avatar uses the forms of the female system.


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If that XS is standard sizes it means these dials, and only these dials:



  • Body Fat: 0
  • Belly Size: 0
  • Torso Muscle: 28
  • Love Handles: 11
  • Leg Muscle: 43
  • Butt Size: 30
  • Saddle Bags: 11
  • Package: 6
  • Pectorals: 50



Note that if its not from a seller listed here:


Then it might be using XS as a label without being to any known standard, and some people are now taking the logo of the program and adding it to products not made for that program.


Victorius92 wrote:

However, my
male avatar
the forms of the
female system


Then XS might mean this for you:


  • Body Fat: 5
  • Torso Muscle: 31
  • Breast Size: 48
  • Love Handles: 25
  • Belly Size: 2
  • Leg Muscle: 45
  • Butt Size: 34
  • Saddle Bags: 30

But if you then try to buy clothes for men, note that the numbers are not the same... and even when set the same, will be different results.

If alpha maps are a poor fit - that's a common problem. I keep a collection of alpha maps from various places and when something I buy has bad alphas I try out the ones I have from elsewhere. Failing that, I get into photoshop (can also use Gimp) and make myself new ones...

A lot of alpha maps don't fit well. Often this is because while mesh will stretch to the dials not on the list above, it can stretch a little differently than textures on an avatar do - so an alpha that fits one person might not fit another...


For furries, Dark Spot Designs has a free collection of alpha maps in their shop - they don't solve every problem, but they do expand your box of tools for solving issues and are good to have around.



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