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Glasz DeCuir

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MISGIVING a Machinima about LIFE Protection Environmental protection is a practice for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species.

There is a Timeline of Extinctions, is an historical account of species that have gone extinct during the time that modern humans have occupied the earth. While many human-caused extinctions have been accidental, humans have also engaged in the deliberate destruction of some species. Other species were deliberately driven to extinction, or nearly so, due to poaching or because they were "undesirable" or to push for other human goals.

The Green ideology has connections with various other ecocentric political ideologies, including ecosocialism, ecoanarchism, and ecofeminism, but to what extent these can be seen as forms of Green politics is a matter of debate. This fiction movie shows a clash between gender styles and how they act to protect species in extinction: The end of Male Kind

http://youtu.be/2SPNpMwBF1U Teaser: http://youtu.be/4xNpTWOBEG0

WD Project SciFi 2013: MISGIVING

Theme: Green 'the environment'

Original Music composed by Rael Wissdorf (Germany)

Voice Overs -- Intro by Wytchwhisper (Canada)

 Starring: Paulina India (Catalunya) as Artemisa, Isis Towton (Catalunya) as Harpalice, Glasz DeCuir (Basque Country) as Rigani; Actors: Nil Akiri as Hybrid, Nicholas Quar as Avatar Creature and Filmstar4 as Humanoid.

 Female Voice Actresses: Secret Rage (U.S.A.) as Harpalice, CallieDel Boa (U.S.A.) as Rigani and Aaelva Resident (Sweden) as Artemisa.

 Male Voice Actors: Rysan Fall (U.S.A.) as Avatar Creature, Rael Wissdorf (Germany) as Hybrid and Lapiscean Liberty (U.S.A.) as Humanoid.

 Avatars design: Paulina India and Isis Towton

 Filming Location courtesy by Zanzo in Second Life

 Written and Directed by Glasz De Cuir




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