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Looking for custom mesh.

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I've now been looking for a custom mesh head for months. Sadly, i couldn't find any talented creators that would accept a custom work. I myself tried zbrush and Blender to attempt to make my own, but it was sadly awful. 

Please. If you know a talented creator able to make a mesh head (non-human skin color), post their names below! That would be a very nice christmaspresent! :matte-motes-big-grin:

Thanks for reading! And forgive me for my english.


- In the hope to receive positive answers. Nev'la. 

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It might be that nobody replied because there is a perception that a custom mesh item should only cost say L$1000 and to some they consider that a lot.

Custom mesh, as a one off, with no resale value will not necessarily come cheap, for a head, you could easily be looking at between L$50,000 to L$100,000 depending on whether it's a skilled modeller or maybe someone will do it for free if they're just fiddling about or maybe somewhere in between if they're feeling generous.

Good luck in your search.

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