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attach from inventory script possible?

Bellahyae Enchanted

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Hello, i am new at scripting but am looking into an idea i have, and that is of a script that can attach from your inventory something as long as it is in your inventory.

what it does:

you put the scipt in a prim, and when you click on the prim it attaches an object to you, but only the object that it is looking for.

for example, you have " toy boat001" in your inventory and once you click on a special object outside of your inventory, it finds it in your inventory (in the "toy boat folder" for example) and attatches it to you . you click again and it detatches it from you.but if you do not have the toy boat in your inventory then nothing attatches and maybe it gives you a message saying "toy boat not found".

is it possible to create a script like that? and if so what funtions would i have to call up to make it work?

thanks alot for your help, i am not looking to use this in a negitive way, which is why i want it to only access a specific object. any help you can provide i would be grateful for!

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