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Royal Cruises is Hiring!

iscabox Flux

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Today marks a great milestone for Royal Cruises, this is the day we expand our breaches into a bigger office, host events and take the company from a small one man(erhh Boat) team and expand it into not only a business but a community.

Started over a year and a half ago by me and my partner to enable couples in love to experience the romance of boating without the need to own nor know anything about sailing, something that has gained interest and undoubtedly become the first of its kind, I am happy with the direction it has taken and thus am here to hire fellow crew members!




Sales Assistants - We are on the lookout for Sales Assistants to deal with our clients on the front of our business, you will be responsible for answering questions and helping our clients through the booking stages. Very High Commisions paid on this role! 


Machinima Creator - We are on the lookout for a top Machinima Creator to join our ranks if only for a little while to roll out targeted video campaigns, Past work is a must!


Events Manager - We are also on the lookout for an events manager, someone who is able to run 7seas fishing contests and/or set up live performers on the dock.


Voice Models/Actressess - We are currently looking for a Female voice actor to permantly join the crew for the recording of announcements and advertisements. The perfect someone for us is between the ages of 18 and 28 with quality recording gear(a $40 Mic opposed to a $5 walmart mic) 


Become A Distributor

We are always on the lookout to sign new Business Agreements and become friends with what the Secondlife community throws out at the world and thus we certainly want to offer a balance to how we can help and be helped in return for the chance to become good friends not only in Secondlife but in all corners of Virtual Reality.

If you run a Restaurant/Bar/Club or anything else for that matter that aims to serve clients in the entertainment sector then you may also like to offer our service, We offer businesses the chance to sell our cruises for us (earning them the sales commision) or buy our tickets in bulk to sell/give away to their own clients.

We are also looking for suitable advertisement and chain stores so if you own a venue which you believe to be of great standing in the community then we may be interested in Advertising and/or the renting of a store, we may even be up for traffic sharing should we feel the venue is right for our scene.


Visit Us! 

Why not drop us a visit where our friendly staff will be waiting for you! We can talk in person to arrange your needs and find a suitable solution to how to better serve you.

Click Here to Visit Royal Cruises! 


More Information

If you would like more information or simply wish to further discuss the business then please do not hesitate to get into contact with us, you can IM me online or off they go to my email!

Please IM Iscabox Flux Captain of The Lady Sasha, Rose & Animus

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