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question >_> any groups to see people fap or to do it yourself for lindin in this game O_O!?

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Was you just bored when you posted that rubbish? Any chance of making an effort to use grammar and spell correctly?

 "people fap or to do it yourself " Both mean the same thing. 

"for lindin" I gather that means pay  you L$ to animate your avatar. 

What alternate universe did you come from?

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Allow me to translate:

This person is asking if there are any groups in Second Life where you can view other people in the process of masturbation, or, perhaps someplace in which you can cam yourself doing so for monetary compensation in the form of Linden dollars.

A little known secret; on most newer computers there is a small camera in the front of the tower, and every time you view a pornographic video on the internet, this camera also films you masturbating and sends it to one of the NSA's data collection centers for future review.


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