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Small place lots of prims

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Hello Sephina..

I see no one reply yet and so I'm going to try to make it easier..

Your friend, needs to give some more information about her needs.. Its like asking to buy a car.. The seller will ask: You want it for the country? Or for the City? They both cars, but they are made for different use.

So;The best way to have 234 prims is to get premium.. The monthly stipend the secure of LL and the rest make it worthy..

From the other hand, if premium account isn't an option, then as I said , she need to tell us some more info like:

Does she willing to accept to join the landlords group? And so, she will use the land under them name? And she will only have some permissions, but for sure, not to sell the parcel, or to change the name etc..

Does she willing to take the risk of enter to SL and find nothing there where her house was, because the Landlord wasn't able to keep it and just "flew" away?

No need to be always a bad person... We can use an example like they died.. Or got brain damaged.. Or... Or.. Or.. That's why the established Estate Companies keeping the rental prices in a standard level and you don't see advertisements like: L$50 for 100 prims! Fully Furnished... (lol)

So for to give a "clue" I can say these:

a) She rent a skybox - Not much permissions, cheapest rental.

    Tons of 'em out there..

b) She rent a mainland parcel of 1024sq.m. / 234 prims. This isn't expensive neither.

    A good choice! Economic, lots of perms, decent size, security enough. Smaller risk.

c) She rent a private SIM parcel. More expensive, but more secure , plus more privileges..

    Suppose to be the best choice.. Usually they have really cool themes with coconuts etc... And a convenant though!


I hope my poor English was good enough to give you an idea of how things are .Out there!

I wish she finds the best for her!







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