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I buy this car, GB7 Orange 98 Couples Cuddle & Sex Truck 4x4 and dont see right door, how do i claim

Rol Roxley


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It's possible that there IS no right door.  The creator might have left it off so that you and your companion can see yourselves more clearly.

Hey, you didn't think this thing was for DRIVING, did you??  :smileyvery-happy:

EDIT:  I looked up the item, and whaddaya know, it IS driveable!  Also, the photos seem to show working doors on both sides, and a working tailgate.  In this case, I think the door is really still there, it just hasn't rezzed.  This is a known bug in SL (if you are interested in technical details, do a search on "interest list bug".)  But you don't need to know the technical details.  Try hitting CTRL+SHIFT+R, wait a second or two, and then hit the same combination again.  Does the door appear?

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