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beethros Karas

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There is a great group in SL called

The Mall Street Counting 200+ active members.

the mall street stage view_001.jpg

We have all the equipment needed to run a Venue.

Material and soul.

All is missing is.... YOU!

We need someone to simply do EVERYTHING like it was them own land/club.

-Book Artists , hire stuff , schedule dates , post the events in SL Calendar,

Post about the events in SL Forums and anywhere else.

Be Online and visit The Club not only during the events.

Be a good part of the team and cheer up the rest of us.


During the events needs to keep an eye to the hosts and to the dancers and of course,

To the security doors.


We run the Club 24/7 So we are in need for more than 1 manager.

So go ahead and apply today!

Its still open!


Money involved?

Well yes?

As I mention above... You book artists.. That needs money! Artists usually accept fees like L$2000 per hour to sing Live to your land. So yes, its money involved and No there is nothing for you. (yet)

As you can imagine we can't afford to pay artists 24/7 and so we compromise with those who are singing for tips only and usually they don't have a crowd, means there are No Tips for anyone.

From the other hand, its all up to you to find crowd, or convince artists to accept less fees, or organize successful Open Mics ( Good artists love good open mics) and so make a lot of tips.

If you can handle the above and be patient (same as Uma Thurman was at Kill Bill No2 When she met the Kung fu Master with the long thin white beard) then we will be really proud to share with you our tips from the Venue's TipJar in a privileged way on your side. Kinda 20% for us and 80% for you ; Plus the 20% from the dancers Tip Jars. That's all for you.

We are NOT promising any money for you. But we appreciate the good work and we tip it always!

This is a ROLE PLAYERS "job" suppose to be for fun; Lindens are welcome though, we all need them to "survive"


Thanks a lot for listening...

The Mall Street

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beethros Karas - the eye above


Useful info:

The Mall Street

The Mall Street Calendar

The Mall Street - YouTube


Teleport URL:



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