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Dollar a Prim! Pharos Ancient Tower of Alexandria

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$25/25 to $100/100 prims for your shop in an ancient lighthouse tower!

Come and rent cheap space at one of Second Life's original Old World sims at the Magnetic Centre of Second Life on the mainland! The tower of Alexandria is one of the Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times. A great place to put a branch store or start a new business.

This is one of the most original landscaped sims of the Mainland with a river running through it, open seas with icebergs floating, and hills and flatlands.

There is a newbies infohub where we have tutorials, the International Bazaar, a shopping mall and starter rentals as well as a money tree which ensure plenty of visitors.

Teleport to your new rental!

Just one dollar a prim for $25/25 stalls, $50/50 towers, or entire floors with fly-in and teleports at $100/100 prims. Extra prims available.

IM Prokofy New for the group.

Pharos Tower for Ad_001.jpg

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