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Photographer Looking For Work!!!


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Hey guys, I've recently started taking my photography hobby seriously and I'm starting to look for some work to pay the bills.


Beings as I'm new around here and people might be a bit half and half about what I can offer, 

My rates are:

(o) Couples Photo per 1: 100 L$

(o) Profile Photo per 1: 50 L$

(o) Weddings Per event: 500 L$ 


The photo's take me around 5 - 6 hours to work on, so It should be around that time before you get them back

NOTICE: Wedding Photos and Multiples may take longer and more work.


If you have seen a background you want in your photo just tell me and it can be added in for Free no extra charges!


So why not IM me in Second Life or here on the Forums!




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