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A little bit experienced Host looking for Job


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Hey  guys. First of all, I wanna wish you happy holidays. I hope you are having fun with your lovely relatives. 

Ok. Lets go to the point: I'm looking a job from host. I got a little bit of experience. I've work in Hard Tail, whose my boss was DJ Roxxi (I've worked and later I worked in The Venue, "the originator, not the imitator", it is his slogan (I've worked almost three weeks). Actually, I'm unemployed and I want to have a job in a music club. 

Terms of my quest:

-Only rated M or A sims.

-I work on friday, saturday and sunday from 6-8 PM SLT.

-Tips percentage and/or pay per event considered by own.


Ok. I'm free to read offer, try to surprise me :D Sucess! and thank you for read.

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