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Beautiful Forest Lands In the Nice neighborhood

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Area size begins from 3072sqm, 4096sqm and bigger lots.

( if you dont find the land you seek in this list..feel free to check out landshop at




Or, IM perfumed Odets with descriptions of the land you seek.


 we have more lands in different size, prim counts and land looks on different sims)



3072sqm Inland location lot facing the open ocean view



6144sqm cornet location lot with 2 sides sea view



4096sqm, 937prim inland location lot facing the ocean at the good price



4096sqm land, 937prims, cornet location lot with two side sea view,



8192sqm, 1875prim lot Inland location lot facing the sea




12288sqm lot, 2812prims corner location lot with two sides open ocean view




Minnaloushe promo dec7-08.jpg

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