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The Flying Scotsman NOW OPEN

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Hello Everyone i would like to invite you all to come to our land and enjoy our facilities we have also as we all know we are trying to get recognised so we can get traffic which means we can keep the place running...

Now here at our land we have a pub called The Flying Scotsman what makes us diffrent from everyone else out there is we do not ask for nothing ie tips etc... everything is paid by us which includes the 1000l$ raffle we hold every Wednesday 12pm slt for 2 hrs, how to join simple join our free group... We have sploders here also which is 100% pays all money back out. What goes in comes back out. Everything on the land is for your enjoyment, we also have a TV for you to watch DVD's etc we also have games room in the pub which include greedy table, zero devil game, nbynko and why not UN scramble the words and get free lindens..Outside the pub we have a little romantic area with water front for you to sit with your loved one and enjoy the views or maybe visit the shops we have... BTW shops are also free to rent what more can you need... Oh yes a sandbox for you to open your boxes... Well I have said everything I can its up to you now to come look around and see what you think, many thanks for reading this post xx

Here is your train ticket below


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