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Looking to be hired as an escort!!


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There are various kinds of escorts in Second Life...


Were you interested in "inworld only" escorting not using Voice ?


We're you interested in Voice escorting?


Escorting sometimes can "push" people who work in that profession towards voice/webcam in order to be competitive, but there remains a smaller text-based SL only community, mainly because keeping the escorting strictly confined to SL protects the anonymity of both parties better.


There are probably still several nightspots that keep escorts on staff, so that might be a place to begin. They will want a management percentage however...

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best is to work at a escort club. Club owners do invest in promotion and organize events. To find clients freelancing is rather difficult in my limited experience.

Here you can find some blogposts I wrote about this very topic:

Oh and yes, you better be good looking and a good at emoting.


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