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Wanted Add: Bellfaire Orphanage Many Opportunities


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All jos are volunteer right now but as we bring in more money things will change. I'd really like to acutally pay people soon a possible. I really do appricate the help. I do have incentives for now to keep you all intrested. Please be patient. 

Current Employment Oppounrites:

*Deputy Headmaster/Headmistress

*Caregivers-all ages


*Mentor-part time/internship

Voluntter Manger 


*Secretary- Day and Night

*Social Worker

*Case Manager

*Reaserach Team

*Advertising Supervisor 

*Event Planner

Nurse- Day and Night


*Conflict Resolution Mediator


Please contact morgannatravers resident for more infromation. I will do an interview and decide as quickly as possible. I do ask you come in kid friendly attire. This is an orphange not a club.

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