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I need some creative people

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If you're an experienced and creative builder and would like to make a few L$ Then come build some cool scenes for me!

I'm paying from 5-10K per scene - if its good... I'm picking the best at the end of April.

you get up to 10,000 slim prims

a build area of 512m x 512m  ( that's 256,000 square meters ... a normal sim is 64,000 )

and more!

and its Free now for artists ( ok L$1 ) until the end of April.

see:  http://www.primphilia.com/store/MorelandGrove.html 

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I am a builder experienced in terraforming and other sim developments. I am interested in your project and if you have the time to contact me and disucss your plans, I would be very excited to try and work with you. If you think I can help you out, please contact me.


Guage Vyper

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