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And if you need a place to build

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We're talking Moreland Grove

With up to 10,000 slim prims - you can build a forest, a grassy meadow,
a big green house filled with ferns & flowers, a mansion, an elegant formal garden,
and even a huge castle with out feeling like you have to torture your prims to
get that desired look.

What's a slim prim? Its the kind of prim that does't cause lag all over a sim!
Don't take my word for it! try it out.  Right now!
Get 9 friends and prove it for yourself! 

There is even a premade scene of 10,000 slim prims just so you can see for yourself.
Try walking around or flying around inside of it ... have your friends do the
same.  To do this with 100,000 Linden prims would simply be imposible.  Right now
we have 317 units each capable of displaying 10,000 slim prims on one sim.  That's
3,170,000 slim prims on ONE SIM.

How does it work? You'll see the 10,000 slim prims only for your unit.  And
not see the other 90,000 that your friends rez. Your 9 friends will see only
the scenes they chose and not see yours.  Not even if they could cam over to it.

Also, because a slim prim can't contain anything - like scripts they simply don't
have the potential to cause scripting lag.

Prove it for yourself .. compare frame rates with a draw distance of 512m using
the Linden viewer or .. any other viewer.   On the Moreland Grove property,
The Moreland Grove viewer is 30% faster.  (depending on your hardware) Even
when there are hundreds of thousands of other prims being viewed on that sim.

Oh yeah - you can build up to 10 of your own scenes (10k slim prims in each one).

There's more of course - to use that many slim prims you needs space!
Our plots reach outward from the center of your skybox to 256m in every direction
Yes - you can place your slim prims on a plot that is a full 512m of width depth and height.

And If you don't want to build from scratch use one of our templates or
just move into one of our premade scenes.  They're all gorgeous and come with
some sweet surprises  ... pose balls :)

And there's more! at altitudes of over 300m you can enjoy property with
full waterfront - the kind that reaches out to the horizon in every direction!

Oh yeah - and a complete security system and A free radio offering over 40,000 stations.

Yes! All in a skybox!

So what's the catch?  Its a holo deck inside of a Linden cube that's 64m on a side.
If you leave the cube - the scene vanishes and you're back in regular Linden
space.  That might almost sound like a bad thing.. but it has a plus.  People
on the outside of your cube only see a building floating in the sky -
they don't see you or your spectacular scene :).  You get the advantage of
the huge space & privacy!  And they get the advantage of not downloading
the content for your scene.

want to know more ... check out http://www.primphilia.com/store/MorelandGrove.html

Want more land? Think Moreland Grove!



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