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☠Unique Job Opportunity: Make L$ as an EXTREME BDSM/RLV/NO LIMITS Escort!!☠


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(not for the faint of heart!)


Bored with the same old SL BDSM? Addicted to pleasing? Are you a **bleep** for pain & degradation? Do you or others consider your fetishes...dark?

But perhaps the biggest question is: do you want to have fun, be a part of a community, and make lots of Linden?

If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, please read on...

I am in search of the kinkiest, most twisted ladies in SL to start up an escort agency dedicated to EXTREME BDSM, EXTREME RLV, and NO LIMITS/FEW LIMITS ROLEPLAY. This means torture, snuff, etc. ***please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the post***

•Must be 18 or older in RL
•Must have an avi that is 18 or older
•Must be female OR shemale
•Must have NO LIMITS or at least FEW LIMITS when it comes to sexual roleplay
•Must be submissive or able to play a submissive role
•Must be open to changing outfits/tattoos if a client requests you to do so
•Must be open to playing with clients of all genders, species (furries, demons, etc), and races

Newbies accepted. All accepted applicants will go through a short orientation, regardless of experience.

Furries/non-humans accepted!

Flexible schedules. You receive 90% the money you make and a bonus payment for every 5 sessions you work. Decide your own rates.

To apply, contact Kittelaide Venus Delrosa (username: kittelaide) either inworld or via private message on the SL website.

Hope to meet you soon! :)

~Miss Kittelaide

***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that the activities our escorts offer are meant to be ROLEPLAY AND FANTASY ONLY. I am in no way supporting torture, snuff, rape, or any illegal/violent action in real life. Please be safe and keep these activities roleplay only.***

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