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Dodgy traders

Rosie Eun

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Has anyone else noticed the number of listings on the MarketPlace which are clearly nothing to do with SL?  

The last few times I have searched for specific items, Search has turned up loads of listings which consist of RL photos (probably stolen from a catalogue or genuine sales site elsewhere) and YouTube links, all posted by a variety of throwaway av  accounts.

I've reported a few of the ones I've seen, but I was wondering if I've just been unlucky with my search terms, or if this is becoming a New Big Thing? 


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Aethelwine, I was doing a search in womens clothing, specifically "Costumes" - if you order them in New>Old ranking, these listings pop up on the first page. 


Marketplace listings


There are a variety of different sellers, some of which have active (but blank) inworld profiles, some are clearly just throwaway accounts with no inworld profile at all.  

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