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“Dif-tor heh smusma”

Caitlin Tobias

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..or in human speak: 'live long and prosper' ~ Dr. Spock

I say, rest in peace and thank you so much for all the joy  and inspiration he has given me - and so many others, in real life and virtual worlds.

Am I sad? Yeah maybe a bit, but Dr. Spock had a 83 years human life, in which he gave so much. I, for one, by the news of his passing today...got reminded of the saturday nights when Star Trek was on tv, sitting on the sofa with my younger sister....in PJ, wet hairs from the shower, and munching crisps from a small bowl and: we got cola, cos: saturday night..and then to bed after the episode.

Good times. "it's life, Jim, but not as we know it'...

Live long and prosper 2.png

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As a child, I made and wore pointed ears for several weeks after the first Star Trek aired. They were just hunks of foam rubber painted pink. (We had B&W TV at the time so I had no idea Mr. Spock had a slight greenish tint owing to his copper-based physiology.)

But Leonard Nimoy was a whole different story. I didn't really "discover" who he was until many years later .. and again I was impressed. The Man inside the role not only filled all the nooks and crannies of a complex fictional character, but he lived a life that expanded into the darkness of humanity and discrimination .. shown a cleansing light into those corners .. and then embraced those that followed him back into the open air of life.

You will be missed Mr. Nimoy. You did indeed live long, and showed many how to prosper in all the best senses of the word.

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