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Alright I am so confused

Isadora Corral

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I've been trying for ahwhile... I want to create my own to sell in my store. I'm over using others full perm meshes.. I just simply can not figure out blender... weighting.. rigging... none of it. haha I made a few things in sketchup hpwever they simply didnt work and if they did... texturing was an absolute no go. any and all help would be so wonderful. 

 side note.... do people still use mesh clothing, considering all the appliers?

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A couple of things.

Have you looked at Avastar? It's an addon for Blender that makes several things a bit more stream lined for Second Life use... especially in the area of rigging, importing avatar shapes, and exporting the DAE files you need. Avastar costs money, but it is not outrageously expensive and it's under active development. Also, they have a number of tutorials on how to use the tools.

Also, have you been looking around on YouTube and so on for tutorials on how to make mesh clothes for Second Life? There are a number of helpful ones out there, as well as a number of helpful resources just in general for Blender. There's even a Blender group in-world, if I recall correctly.

As for tool selection, depending on your level of committment, I'd recommend sticking with Blender. While it's a pain in the patootie to learn how to use, I think most of the serious 3D tools really are. The task of creating a mesh, especially clothes, is just complex at its heart. There's a lot of stuff you have to do: make the shape, describe how it moves with the body, describe how a flat texture should map over it, and so on. In terms of price and SL support, Blender is a pretty strong tool, and it's powerful enough to do the things you want to do. It just takes time to learn how to do it.

So, if you want to make your own meshes, I'd highly encourage you to persevere. Go watch the tutorials, try things out, practice practice practice. Eventually, you'll start to understand it... but expect it to take time, it will be a whole new skill for you (and I mean that quite literally, not as a warm and fuzzy platitude... it's really a whole new set of skills). On tutorials and such, don't limit yourself to the ones aimed at SL, by the way. The mesh workflow is largely the same whether you're making something for SL, Unity, or a custom game engine. Consequently, the skills you'll learn in mastering this process for SL will apply in large part to other systems. While the specific details may be different, the over all process is similar.

Oh, also, from what I've seen: yes, people are still using mesh clothing. In fact, I see more men wearing mesh now than in the past.

I hope this helps.

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