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Co-owner Wanted!!


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I am thinking to start a new Magazine. Most of the themes these days are Fashion or Decor. However, I have a new idea. I would share the idea, ones the deal is made.

I am looking for a reliable co-owner who would invest 50% time, efforts, responsibility and lindens, in returns for 50% profits. I am looking for someone who has the enthusiam to do something new and challenging, where there are big competitors.

About me? I have been a blogger for 1.5years, founder of 4m my Eyes. I work for 3 magazines and writer for various in games. I have worked as one of the PR in SL11B.

If interested to take a challenge, either contact me in-world (im debbyom Resident) or send me a mail @ debbyomresident@gmail.com. The later is preferable.

Thanks and Regards.

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