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Is there much of a market for this sort of thing?


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You could market "custom avatar portraits" with a few portfolio pics as your listing images. There is a "Services" section to the marketplace, so I assume you are allowed to do this. though you might find it hard getting a price that makes the time and effort worthwhile.

You would need to work out how to charge people and for what. Make sure you set limits to things like revisions and tweaks and describe very clearly what people will be getting for the money. That would be the tricky part. Certainly not easy.

You could offer different packages. Like a single portrait, "Event Sets" like for weddings.

Also, if you can make them, there is certainly a market for decent seamless textures.s.

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The first half year I was active in SL I worked as a graphical designer. I made logos, advertisements, design for products boxes and so on for entrepreneurs in SL.

My first costumers were friends I met on the grid. Later I found customers by mouth to mouth advertisement, and also by checking the 'wanted' forum and the 'in world employment' forum. In the last one you can also advertise your service.

Make sure you have a portofolio somewhere online you can show to potential customers.

For me it's 8 years ago I did this work. There was work enough in those days, there were a lot of starting businesses who could use the help of a graphical designer, and there was money enough to pay you. I don't know how the market for this kind of services is nowadays, but when it's your passion, go for it. Good luck!






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You can market your talent several ways in SL. There certainly are people making and selling things that need better pomotional materals. So, I suggest you make examples of promotional materials with your contact information. Puttng them on Flickr, Photobucket and other sites works.Each has a SL section. Pay attention to their rules and watch what others are doing.

Also there is a section of the forum where you can advertise your services. To be successful you need to be their often. When your post scrolls out of site, put something new up. You'll have to figure out a balance between spamming and being forgotten.

Add your information to the appropreiate SL Wiki pages. Defintately make a USER page. Without blatant spamming pepper the page with keywords. You'll find wiki pages offering resourcs/tutorials. Make a simple tutorial that provides actual help and has your information. 

Contact Builder's Brewry and other training centers in SL. Give a class once a month. Put your contact information in any handouts you give out.

No one likes spam. No one wants to see too much self promotion. But, you can help people and promote yourself.

Be sure you make a nice signature for your posts here. Also make a Community Badge  http://blog.nalates.net/2011/03/03/new-sl-community-badges/

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