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looking to advertise my adult magazine


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While I think your question should be in the Adult forum - since you speak of Adult Magazine/blog - I am going to try to answer anyway.

Congratulations on 1.000 views, a nice start!

Advertising blogs is not something you should do inworld and most certainly not pay for inworld!

(Second Life) bloggers promote their site via Social Media outside of SL on platforms such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and ASN. All those platforms have very large communities of people following Second Life blogs and this is where you will find your audience, of course within the guidelines/rules of said sites (some do not allow Adult content at all), and it is all for free. Well, it requires time and effort, that is all.

I, for one, have never paid nor advertised my blog inworld, yet I get readers, by putting it in my profile and being active in several online communities.

Good luck with your blog!

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