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can someone make me a steath suit?

veva Galicia

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i roleplay in starwars and my character makes use of a stealth field generator.  i have a very nice and simple one that i made myself.  it is just a simple mesh outfit with alpha layers, that are transparent with a slight glow. with that said i am very happy with it, but it is missing one thing to make it authentic....THE SHIMMERING EFFECT


for those of you that dont know what that looks like, i tried to find a youtube link to show, but couldnt find one :(


anyways, does anyone know how one might script this effect?  or know somoene who might be willing to make it for me?



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I'm not going to make you one but if I was I would use a texture like a thin mist and just rotate it slowly. I think it will interact with glow to make a shimmer. I have seen it on a big sculpted prim shaped like a curtain with folds in it used for a sunlight effect.

In your inventory you will find under the library/Textures some textures for a waterfalls and under that Particle system. Water Particle - Mist might work.

Under Library/Scripts anim SMOOTH which you may have to fiddle round with to get a nice slow speed for animating the texture.

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