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RP Partner Needed!


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Hi everyone! I guess I'll just get straight to the point here...

Well, I'm in need of an RP Partner. Someone to build a story with, someone to have fun with! I really could not care less, wether you are a guy or a girl. I'm just looking for someone that won't bail on me halfway through the stories! I'm up for any type of sim! I've done plenty of Western, Fantasy, and Urban! Though, like I said I'm open for trying anything! 

I do want just one thing from you though... I really would like you to be a para-RPer most of the time! 

I'm a bit goofy myself in OCC, so I'm sure we'll have a bit of fun as well!


My hours on SL are normall in the evenings 5:00 - to whenever, on weekdays.

And pretty much a lot more on weekends, unless I'm busy!

Thanks, and message me in world at...

Caroline Berrett ( Fids2036 )

Thanks all <3 

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