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Help with Virtual Reality Camp at Burning Man, 2015


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A group of Burning Man enthusiasts are calling out for all virtual reality enthusiast wizards of Second Life to come together and gather at the place of enchantment called Burning Man.  We are bringing together the sages, shamans and warlocks of the VR world to come together and literally trip out burners who will come from far and wide to Black Rock City in 2015.  Will you join us in our quest to bring amazingly beautiful, totally trippy and (still) mysterious technology to the burner masses?   Our kickstarter will be up and running very soon with amazing schwagg!  Our camp collaboration is already in the works and we will soon start to build our VR wizard's castle of magic and enchantment so spectacular that you will want to bring back your whole camp to experience it.  What an amazing time to be in this wonderful technology.  Bring your interactive technology to the playa with us.   We will work with you to take your technology to the playa.  However, we will not be promoting the name brands behind the technology similar to what you would find in a convention space. We are simply wizards who will be taking technology to a level of interactive play and gift that experience to the burners of Black Rock City.  Join us in our quest, auspicious wizard of technology!  

virtual reality camp cover pic smaller.png



Resident Miss Suzanne Super Sweet is now seeking residents to work on a Machinima that can be presented on the 20 foot screen we are bringing out to the playa.  If we have the bandwidth, then we may even be able to create something live.  The BURN2 community, machinima makers, and performers are welcome to send me a notecard expressing their interest in working on a project that we make together and present at real-world Burning Man, 2015.  

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