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Are you a host, security or a DJ?

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▶ Do you like having a laugh and fun while working?
▶ If you are interested in any of the jobs below: IM STEPHANIE STEAMWEAVER
▶ OR:
▶ Grab an application card by visiting our sim, using the LM below!


All staff must be:
▶ Comfortable in an adult,  sexual environment
▶ 18+ & have an avatar that is 30+ days old

All staff will receive:
▶ Training
▶ Monthly themed, staff parties with gifts/games/prizes

Voice Hosts & Security in the lounge
▶ Only min of 1 shift required per week
▶ Keep 100% tips
▶ L$500 Host/Security of the Week Bonus
▶ Security Person of the Week Bonus
▶ Referral bonuses

Shift Manager in the Lounge
▶ Must already be a member of DT staff
▶ $100L per hour.
▶ Free Elite Membership
▶ L$500 Shift Manager of the Week Bonus
▶ Referral bonuses

▶ The Dirty Talk DJ provides great entertainment and music for our VIPs.
▶ Play music to entertain our VIPs
▶ Voice on stream and/or  local
▶ Promote the lounge donation cherries, security tip jar and events.
▶ Receive 100% of tips by logging in to the host tip jar
▶ L$500 DJ of the week Bonus
▶ Have fun!!

▶ We have 2 auctions per week (Fridays @ 10am-12pm or 6pm-8pm SLT)
▶ Keep 100% tips  
▶ Only min of 1 shift required p/w
▶ Auction VIPs for 2 hour dates
▶ Be able to keep a pace and talk to the VIPs

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