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Help me please I need permission changes on chimera script so everyone can touch and use


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Hello everyone,

I want to mod the script I use for chimera so it will work for everyone when rezed. At the moment it only works for me I can wear and rez it and bring up menu to select dances and other options. When someone else clicks it it will just inform that this person has been added to chimera to dance with or when clicking again has been stopped to dance on chimera. I am the only one (as owner of object) who has access to menu and control of the chimera.

I want to make it that when other persons click my rezed chimera  they also get full menu access and have permissions to change animations and options too.

Can someone help me please what I have to change in script exactly to make it work for everyone instead of just for me? I'd be so happy to get a solution for that. I just started with scripting and would be so thankful for every answer to get more into it and learn more :) thank youuuuu

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That depends entirely on how your script is written, and no one can guess without seeing it.  If you are writing a LSL script and are stuck on a specific task, you'll find people in this forum willing to offer ideas.  We're not here to write a script for you, however, and certainly not to rewite a script that you got from some other source.

In this case, the places you should look for in the script will refer to the current owner (llGetOwner() ), and will say something like

if (llGetOwner() == llDetectedKey(0)){    // Do something that only the owner is allowed to do}else{   // Do something that everyone else can do}

Yours will be more complicated than that, because it involves access to dialog menus that are apparently different for the owner and everyone else.  You'll want to restructure those  by removing all of the access stuff and making a single menu that works for everyone, including the owner.  The way to approach that job is to sit and study the script's logic, line by line, until you understand what it does.  That's what any scripter would have to do. Then start cutting, and be bold.  If you screw up, back up a step and try again.


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