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Question about object entry, and objects getting stuck on parcel borders.

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I have a question about objects getting stuck on parcel borders. Yesterday i had a griefer in my parcel who rezzed some self replicating cubes. I retuned everything, but some of them got stuck in the parcel borders and the sim doesn't allow me to return those because, apparently, they are not in my parcel, while not being in the neighbour's parcel either since they have object entry turned off as well. 

Now, i would like to avoid something like this to happen in the future. my question is, Is there a way to avoid this to happen, or at least to allow me to return every prim that gets stuck in the parcel border? I thought about subdividing my parcel and making a secondary parcel all around the main one, turning object entry and object rez off in that one, while in the main one i'd keep rez on, and object entry off. would that work? if the prims got stuck in that parcel border, would i be able to return them? 


here, to explain better what i mean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrs038rpsc8a4p3/parcel%20subdivision.png?dl=0

Thank you!

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I think I am right in saying that a prim has to be somewhere. Which is to say that the server that your land is running on must know the location of everything on it. So get your neighbour over to return it. If your neighbor isn't around AR it, in fact AR it anyway. Don't give in and change what you are doing in SL. Just report it to the Lab. It doesn't happen that often.

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the fact is, we already tried to do so but apparently they cannot return those either. i already contacted an estate manager to try to fix what the guy did, but my question was mainly to know if subdividing the parcel in the way i thought would or not help to prevent this kind of stuff from happening in the future

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Generally it's much, much better if everybody keeps object entry enabled and instead uses an aggressive auto-return time (like 1 minute) to keep things tidy. This does require some care to make sure everything is rezzed under the proper group so it doesn't get auto-returned (so make sure it's safe before setting a non-zero auto-return time on a parcel).

It's a case-by-case call whether to leave build open, but it's usually fine except in the most griefer-prone conditions.

The reason to avoid a no-object-entry setting is that it will cause griefer junk to pile up on the parcel border, every time, unless the neighboring parcel has auto-return enabled.

In this particular case it's not clear what else is going on such that some objects appear to be immune from even manual return from either parcel. That's very weird if the objects' <0, 0, 0> points are really on one or the other parcel -- or even if they're merely encroaching on either parcel. A year or so ago, there was a bug where this could happen on region borders, but I'd be surprised if that's related to what you're seeing now.

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