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Are you a 'New' Designer? Or maybe an old designer? Looking for something new?


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Hello Everyone,

First off let me thank you for reading this thread! Hopefully this will be right for you.

What I am looking for is simple. I want to start a cooalition of a few new designers or a few old ones who want to work together under one brand producing quality items for the public.

The designers will keep their individual personalities and artistic integrity, but all of the designs will be under the same label. Doesn't that sound fantastic? Think of it as a Fashion House.

Each designer is unique, some create gothic style clothing, others roleplay intensive and still others create high fashion. So, why can't one name represent all of that?

Will their be a quota?

Yes! In order for this to function each designer within the label must be able to produce (2) new outfits a week. Thats not too hard...is it?

Will there be set prices?

No! You can request that your design for the label be set at a certain price.

Who owns the label?

The label will be divided up in shares, much like the shares of a publically traded company. That way the 'say' can be as fair as possible.

How will I make money?

Thats easy! You will make money based off of the designs that the label sells. As a cooalition all of the designers will be working towards one goal. Making profits.

Interested? Have questions? Please leave a nc with Sashiko Resident

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