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RLV & llDialog interaction


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Interact how, exactly? You might need to clarify to get more specific tips.

RLV commands are fired out as llOwnerSay (or llSay if you're building for relays), and returns are handled by the listen event.

You can get a dialog to fire RLV commands on a dialog button press using code similar to... 

listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){    if(message == "Dialog Option 1")    {         llOwnerSay("@sendchat=n");    }    else if(message == "Dialog Option 2")    {         llOwnerSay("@sendchat=y");    }}

 Best of luck!

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Not quite what I had in mind, but thanks.

I was wondering if there was a way to "grab" the information being used to generate the llDialog box, maybe as a Json encoded structure sent as a chat on a specific channel, and then to automate a reply (e.g. choose what button gets "clicked")

Also, is there an option to block the user from ever seeing the llDialog box in the first place?

I am making the assumption that I do not have control over the object raising the dialog.



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