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aoWCS detection rolls

veva Galicia

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so i like to use my steatlh suit alot in star wars RP.  however i am confused on how someone should do a proper detection roll.  ive always said you must beat a DC 15 for detection.  basically using the rules of self healing.  as its a roll used to see if you are skilled enough to heal yourself, but your enemy using rolling to see if she is skilled enough to detect....


however, if it is just roll vs roll, then what skills do you use to roll with? "device' vs ?' and how many rounds does the roll last before he or she can roll for detection again?.  i personally dont like this method of detection because it doesnt make sense to the application.  i mean, why should I( the one stealthed) need to roll when i am just standing there.  it makes no sense.




your thoughts?


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I'm not too familiar with the aoWCS mechanics in regards to how it is scripted, but I am familiar with the West End Games and later incarnations of Star Wars RPGs.


Detection suits or fields were usually acknowldged as two fold systems. One for you just standing there and another for when you actually moved. As you surmised, the tech itself would have a base factor or difficulty number, which you account for a 15. Failing a dexterity based roll for movement (silently, skilled reflexes, etc) would lower that number for those in the vicinity to notice your presence. That 15 should also be attributed to force sensitives and detection technology; an upper level force user may notice a presence, but would have to roll to confirm it based on their sensitivity score. A droid would use its inherent awareness score to match or beat it. The Force, like droids, have variant skills to detect 'life', be it through the Force itself or bio-signatures.

I'd assume, in a nutshell, it should be device vs awareness (or something similar). You'd have to notice it in order to roll to be aware of it. Targeting it should be even harder, unless you failed a reflex based roll to draw attention to your location.

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