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Black Kitten available for adoption!


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A little black cat, smaller than your palm, has found a nook in the crack of an old stone wall. Her eyes glimmer golden with a mix of curiosity and bewilderment as she tries to make sense of the big bright world.




I'm looking for a family to rp with as....just a cat! I don't require much attention, and am happy to sit in on scenes and observe/not take up much rp space, but I do require at least two household members in the household to interact with/or a busy locality with random people I can schmooze randomly. This is a great family cat, full of mischief, so I'd prefer a kid or two too.


An urban neighbourhood would be ideal for any night time kitty missions prowling around the local bushes/parks/things. Really any period is fine either - or even adult themes around (but not with). As long as it's rp.


Cat is also renameable and wotnot.


Contact me in game, or leave details here and I'll come and check out your rp space!

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