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Item purchase sign?


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The Merchants forum is likely a better spot for this, LSL scripting is excluviely for people looking for help with scripts.

It depends where the art is:-

  • if you're trying to sell Second Life textures then you can do this using vendors, or by setting objects with the textures (either on or inside) for sale. This is significantly easier and would not require any scripting. (Dora covers this, below)


  • If you're linking to an external site to sell the art - firstly it's important to check you're advertising in a place that's happy for you to do this - and then you can use the following LSL call to link to a website outside of Second Life- llLoadURL

You could use this in a script like so...

string sDEST = "http://www.google.com";string sMSG = "Please check out my art!";default{    touch_start(integer num_det)    {         llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(0),sMSG,sDEST);    }}



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