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A combat System

hidden Loon

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I am sure I might get more hate than help but it is worth a try, so here I go.

I have come back to secondlife after a long break, only to return to a dead roleplaying community in which has kept mine, and countless others, attention for years. We used to use a meter based combat system that has long since vanished due to unforeseeble circumstances. I want to help start this community back up with a brand new meter based combat system. I have no lindens in which to pay for the scripting of this system. Nor do I have enough spare change in real life money to fund such a project. The combat system is sort of modeled off of health points, mana (energy), stamina, and experience. You would gain levels which would give you points to use on skills to level up to become stronger. There would also be other things as well such as HUD currency (in which to buy weapons and such). People would cast "spells" which would take mana and damage other people who were hit by these "spells". 

I just want to bring back this great community and see people have fun again. If you are willing to help, I appreciate you and would like you to send me a inworld message. If you are unable to help, I appreciate you reading this post.

All in all, I hope you all have a blessed day.

Thank you.

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