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Looking for Feral Roleplayer / for Family Pet Play +More


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~* Hello *~

Alright, so I am looking for something pretty specific. I will try to explain as much as possible without rambling too much. Basically I am a Submissive,  I belong to a really amazing Master who has created a Family within his Subs and his Real life Wife. We live on Private Land, and have many fun things to do even at Home.

Our Family Currentely Consists of

*Master Remiel (furry / Human)  * Master's Wife & Sub (Neko / Human)   *Ren (sub, Neko)  *Amary (sub, Human)  *Hiro (sub, human / Furry)  *Shiko (Me, Sub, Furry / Feral / Neko)


So, with that we want a Dog that wants to be treated as such. Want to be fed treats, belly rubs and be loved on by the family. You can be an Intelligent feral if you would like, but we are tying to go for authentic since we have our own little world on our Family property. Aside from being a Family Pet, I am looking for a Feral for my pleasure and In the end you would technically be owner By me. (of course I am not a Dominate, so don't expect me to Dom you.. I don't mind a Dominate Feral, just know Master his My Dom and has total control over me)


If Interested or wanting to know more....(there is some X-rated stuff that needs to be discussed more 1 on 1) so please feel free To IM me in-world


Shikobaa Resident ~

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