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What was the last thing you did before you logged out?

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Sparkles Britton, that is sad if you accidentally deleted a large amount of your inventory. If you have not emptied your trash can in the viewer, it should still be in there (in the trash can). It is also possible you did not delete it, but just moved it to another location, or maybe the inventory is still there but just not showing.

Please see:  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_Page_The_Inventory_Recovery_Steps


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This dude was roleplaying a pimp(I hope it was roleplaying, at least) and verbally harassing random female avatars even ones who wanted none of it. So, my mum and I found his car. He didn't have security on. We drove it into a lake before it re-rezzed back to it's parking spot.

He got a good scare, I think. I regret nothing.

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