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Looking for creator to make sci-fi mesh armor.

Ace Direwytch

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I need a very detailed set of armor for both males and females. Theme must be neon yellow, black and white/light gray (can change depending). I need it full perm to give to my rp employees. I will give you a color template once you begin work and any other details when we begin work together. :D

Rigged will work just fine, but fitted would be great. I need them in parts if you could (shoes, legs, torso, head). None of the work will be sold as it is given to spesific rp'ers but I would like the neon colors to be modifyable.


I'm looking for a sleek but imposing design, something that intimidates people. I'm open to ideas and possible designs as well, I would love nothing more than pure creativity with this work. These will be for security guards/highly militaristic and advanced themed.


Please message me in-world with examples of your work and how much you wish to be paid for the project.

There isn't much rush, you're able to take your time as the sim is new and people are still getting settled in.


Here is an example of what I wish the armor to look like (not exact)


or this:


Or a mixture of both but something unique and original.


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