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How to get an UUID of the person who sent you an IM?


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This forum is for improving or troubleshooting original work - I won't be providing you finished scripts. But examples exist, as below...

In Second Life it's a bit difficult to do this - while there is the LSL function llKey2Name, there is not llName2Key. Getting the agent key of a user is difficult if they're not on the same region as you.

For this reason, a few outside-of-Second Life services run Name2Key dictionaries, and these tend to be the fastest way to accomplish what you're trying to do.

Some Name2Key dictionaries have HTTP-methods you can use to return the keys using queries, and these would allow you to dump the agent key from a name tjhat you input manually. There is no way for scripts to know who is Instant Messaging you, so you'd have to do that by hand.

I'm not sure I trust some interpretations of the Community Guidelines to link directly to my preferred Name2Key service, and would instead recommend that you use your search engine of choice to find a service that you like - most of the ones with HTTP-methods provide example code for lookups.

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A script has no access to IM's. So the script does not know if and from whom you got an IM.

The only way to get the UUID is manually, no automatic scripted device is possible.

Freya told you how you get it by script if you have the name.

Most TPV's show the uuid if you open someones profile so you don't need a script  if you don't use the LL viewer.


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