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Hi - I am trying to get a laptop I can actually run SL on.  I have to get it at Best Buy - it is an exchange for one that has given me a great deal of trouble.  It has to be a laptop.  I need some recommendations on what would be the best one to move to under the circumstances - I can probably swing about  a thousand wiht the replacement and my savings since then.  Does anyone have any good suggestions?  I also have Verizon internet, and am connected by wire.  I have been using SLgo because this machine has so many problems but the net flickers and I get disconnected frequently for bad net quality.  I hope to get some recommendations - and thank you!!!

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I've heard nothing but good things about MSI laptops.  They are great for gaming, and this one, has the same specs as my Acer I just got, actually...a tad bit better with it's larger screen & 1TB hard drive.   It's well below your budget so you can afford an extended warenty, tax, and all that good stuff too.   With these specs, I run SL just fine, averaging about 40fps at my home on ground level.  About 80fps in the sky, and around 25fps on a full sim like at a club or festival with 40-60 avatars.  This is on Mid-High graphics.  I'm more than pleased.  


Hope this helps.   Now if you want to run around on Ultra and get 80fps at the Gatcha Fair...then that's a whole other level of Laptop, and you'll need to up your budget.  But this PC will run SL wonderfully, and at a great price too.  (Best Buy does not sell my Acer or I would recommend that)

Good Luck!

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